Are you looking for some delicious golden apple fruit markets in the US & UAE? Some interesting golden apple fruit markets with their address are given below.

1. Golden apple fruit market Saron Dr. Lexington, Ky

The Golden Apple Market on Saron Dr. is a hidden gem for fruit lovers located in the center of Lexington, Kentucky.

You are welcomed by a welcoming atmosphere as soon as you enter the Golden Apple Market.

Fresh fruit aromas permeate the air, luring you further into this beautiful institution.

Golden apple market Saron Dr. Lexington, Ky

Golden Apple fruit market Saron Dr. Lexington, Ky is located at the address“4201 Saron Drive, Lexington, KY, United States, Kentucky”

The official website is “

Phone no: +1 859-273-8629

2. Golden Apple Fruit Market Lexington Ky

The Golden Apple Fruit Market is a destination every fruit lover in Lexington, Kentucky must go to.

The amazing selection of fresh, juicy, and exotic fruits available at this lovely market will tantalize your taste buds and leave you wanting more.

The Golden Apple fruit Market has what you need, whether you’re seeking fresh produce grown nearby or exotic fruits from throughout the world.

Golden apple fruit market

Golden Apple Market Lexington Ky

Golden Apple Fruit Market Lexington Ky is located at the address “800 E. Main St., Lexington, KY, United States, Kentucky

The official website is

Phone no: +1 859-273-8629

3. Karnes Orchard

Karnes Orchard is a magical area where guests can enjoy the enjoyment of picking fresh fruits straight from the trees.

This delightful orchard is a favorite vacation spot for families, fruit enthusiasts, and environment lovers alike and is situated in the gorgeous countryside.

Karnes Orchard promises a memorable vacation from the hectic city life with a broad range of fruits, beautiful surroundings, and a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

Karnes Orchard

Karnes Orchard is located at the address “8200 Worley Mill Rd, Hillsboro, OH, United States, Ohio”

The official website is

Phone no: +1 937-763-8250

4. The Fruit Box

The fruit box is a great option if you want to increase the number of fruits in your diet, surprise someone with a nice gift, or just enjoy the goodness of nature’s candy.

Let’s explore the advantages of fruit boxes, how to choose the finest ones, and the different ways you may enjoy these abundant natural gems.

The Fruit Box

The Fruit Box is located as an office at “Cluster, Building – Street Number 6 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

The official website is “


Phone no:  055-5537971

5. FruitsBox UAE

FruitsBox UAE is a well-known online store that provides a beautiful selection of fresh fruits that are obtained directly from reliable vendors and local farmers.

FruitsBox UAE has swiftly established itself as a go-to platform for fruit lovers and health-conscious people alike because of its dedication to quality and freshness.

FruitsBox UAE promotes healthy living and gives consumers the convenience of having fresh fruits delivered straight to their doorstep by providing a large selection of seasonal fruits and unique pleasures.

FruitsBox UAE

FruitsBox UAE is located at the address “Al Aweer Central Market, Dubai, United Arab Emirates”

The official website is

fruits box. ae


Phone no: +971 55 785 7152

6. E Fresh Buy

Customers may browse, pick, and buy fresh produce and food products from the convenience of their homes using the online platform E Fresh Buy.

The platform brings together regional producers, suppliers, and farmers to build a virtual market that meets the various demands of customers.

Customers can obtain a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, dairy goods, meats, and other foods with just a few clicks.

E Fresh Buy

E Fresh Buy is located at the address “Shop no 86, wholesale Building No.3, Al Aweer Fruits and Vegetable Market, Ras Al Khor.

The official website is


Phone no: +971 56 123 4667
Toll Free: 800-FGT(348)
Landline Number: 04 3338645


In conclusion, the distinct flavor and health advantages of the golden apple fruit have aided in its rising appeal on the international market.

It is anticipated that demand for this tropical treatment would increase further as more people become health-conscious.

The golden apple fruit continues to entice taste buds and nourish bodies all across the world, whether it is consumed fresh, juiced, or incorporated into other meals.

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